The remarkable comeback of Dustin Pedroia

On June 9, when the Red Sox were last in New York, Dustin Pedroia returned to Boston and get his right knee checked out.

Pedroia was hitting .247 at the time and clearly was having a tough time physically. He didn’t have an explosive swing and there were times he looked uncomfortable running. That he had decided to skip a game against the Yankees to get checked out seemed ominous.

Using what has been described as an innovative procedure, team medical director Tom Gill examined the knee with a tiny camera, found no damage worthy of surgical repair and treated the injury with a substance that would lubricate the joint.


In the 45 games since, Pedroia has hit .388/.461/.670 with 29 extra-base hits, 35 RBIs and 42 runs. He is up to .310/.406/.487 on the season.

Pedroia, Adrian Gonzalez (.984), David Ortiz (.914) Jacoby Ellsbury (.890) and Kevin Youkilis (.891) are in the top 10 in AL OPS, which is amazing.

Pedroia has said that along with his knee, his surgically repaired left foot has been less troublesome of late, which makes sense given it has been 13 months since he fractured it. He also benefits greatly from having Gonzalez hitting behind him. The last thing a pitcher wants to do is walk somebody before the leading RBI man in the majors comes up.

Pedroia said all along that he was going to get hot. But this hot?

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