Behind enemy lines: Posada taken out of Yankee lineup

The big news in pinstripe world is that Jorge Posada isn’t in tonight’s lineup. And according to Yankees manager Joe Girardi at his pre-game press conference, it’ll be that way for a little while as the Yanks try to figure out if they can get better production from other hitters.

Girardi had a conversation with Posada today before the lineup was posted, telling Posada he wanted to put the best lineup out there and that his number of at-bats would diminish.

“We’re going to see how it works,” Girardi said “I told Jorge, ‘You’re still going to be a big part of this and we’re going to need you. We’re just going to do some different things.


He has a lot of pride and respect for what he’s done. You could see the disappointment and understand that. At this time, I felt like I had to do what I did today.”

Why does this matter?

The next time the Red Sox face the Yankees (at the end of the month), the Yankees lineup could look a little different. Alex Rodriguez will likely be back in it, and who knows what will happen with the designated hitter spot. Maybe more Eric Chavez (tonight’s DH), maybe Posada will get another shot. Nobody knows.

Just something to keep an eye on, if you’re into matchups and that sort of thing.

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