Extra Bases

Greetings from Gate A-13

Good morning from Logan. Starting today, the Red Sox will play 14 of their next 17 games on the road. The team traveled to Minnesota after the game last night.

It was controlled chaos in the clubhouse last night as the players enjoyed their win while packing up and heading for the bus. Josh Reddick did his interview wrapped in ice and Marco Scutaro still had his uniform on. Meanwhile the hard-working clubhouse guys were lugging bags around as reporters scrambled to make deadline.

One thing about baseball, it never stops. Terry Francona planned to do his preparation for the Twins series on the plane last night then sleep when he got there. Somewhere over America in the wee hours this morning, he and DeMarlo Hale probably put together the lineup for tonight.


Tim Wakefield was the lucky one. He flew ahead of the team so he could get a full night of sleep before pitching tonight. The next day’s starter has that option.

The Red Sox are 10-2 against the Yankees this season, giving them the season series for the first time since 2004. That is significant. Head to head is the first tie-breaker if the teams tie for the division title. Winning the season series could get the Red Sox home field for the first round of the playoffs.

Last night’s game was an interesting one if you’re a real baseball fan. Should Josh Reddick have bunted with two runners on in the sixth inning? Should Mariano Rivera have pitched a second inning? Why did Jason Varitek swing at that 3-and-0 pitch?

In the short term, it was a fun night and a nice win. In the long term, maybe it was the series that will get Carl Crawford going. He was 9 for 12 in the three games and perhaps that will lead to better things for him.

Crawford getting hot could help carry the Sox through all the road games coming up.

We shall see. Time to go nap on the plane. Thanks for checking in and we’ll have the lineups and game preview later on from Target Field.


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