David Ortiz gets disputed RBI back

MINNEAPOLIS — Not a whole lot of pregame news today. But there are a few tidbits:

David Ortiz was given an RBI by Major League Baseball, which reviewed the decision official scorer Charles Scroggins made Aug. 3.

Ortiz was initially given a two-run single in that game, scoring Adrian Gonzalez from third and Kevin Youkilis from second. The Indians complained, saying that left fielder Austin Kearns bobbled the ball and that allowed Youkilis to score.

The Sox said that Youkilis was running the whole way. Scroggins sided with the Indians and gave Ortiz one RBI. Major League Baseball reviewed the matter and said it was a two-run single.


So now Big Papi has 75 RBIs.

Ortiz, infamously, made an issue of the decision the day after when he burst in on Terry Francona’s pregame press conference and started dropping f-bombs like it was a David Mamet play.

• Yes, Marco Scutaro is 8 of his last 11. But he’s getting a day off. Scutaro is 1 for 9 against Francisco Liriano.

It’s also worth noting that Jed Lowrie is thumping lefties this season to the tune of .380/.392/.620.

Bobby Jenks is out of the hospital. Francona didn’t have the diagnosis but said the righthander checked out OK.

• Francona on Dustin Pedroia‘s Sports Illustrated cover: “Yeah, Sports Illustrated For Animals.”

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