Final: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Game over: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

The Sox gave it a run. But League did his job and retired the side in order. Hernandez (11-10) is the winner and Beckett (9-5) the loser.

It lasted 3:03 before a crowd of 41,326.

Tim Wakefield goes for his 200th win tomorrow

Top of the 9th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Morales got the first out. Aceves then struck out Pena and Wells. The Sox bullpen tonight: 3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 6 K.

Reddick, Aviles and Varitek scheduled against Brandon League.

Middle of the 8th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Gonzo (2 for 4) singled before Pedroi grounded back to Wright and he started a double play. Ortiz walked before pinch runner Darnell McDonald was thrown out stealing.


Top of the 8th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Albers whiffed Ichiro and Gutierrez before Franklin Morales K’d Ackley. Felix is done as Jamey Wright comes in.

Middle of the 7th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Ellsbury singled with one out. Crawford followed with a ball up the middle, just as Ellsbury was running. The ball went right to Ackley as he broke to covering the bag and he started the double play to end the inning. Bad luck there.

Top of the 7th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Albers allowed a single by Wells but that was it. Felix back out, having thrown 90 pitches. Interesting game.

Middle of the 6th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4

Here come the Sox. Scutaro started the inning with his first triple since 2009. Ellsbury then homered to right, making him the first 20/20 player for the Sox since Nomar Garciaparra in 1997.

Crawford flied to deep center. Gonzalez then bunted down the third-base line to beat the shift. Pedroia followed with a home run to right center.

Ortiz singled before Reddick struck out. Then Aviles singled but Varitek lined to second.

Albers in for Beckett now.

Top of the 6th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Wilson doubled, Beckett struck out Ichiro. Gutierrez singled, Beckett struck out Ackley. Carp walked, Beckett struck out Pena.


Since the first inning for Beckett: 4 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K

Middle of the 5th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Ortiz walked but that was it for the Sox. King Felix has a two-hit shutout going and they’re both infield singles.

Top of the 5th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Another 1-2-3 inning for Beckett, who has set down eight straight. Can the Sox make a game of it?

Middle of the 4th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Ellsbury walked and Crawford reached on an infield single that went Hernandez and he reacted too late to get an out.

Gonzalez grounded out, advancing the runner. Pedroia then flied to right. Ellsbury tagged up and Ichiro’s throw beat him to the plate. Ellsbury’s left knee hit the catcher Bard flush in the head, knocking him flat on his back.

The plate umpire, Mark Ripperger, called Ellsbury safe. Then the umpires gathered and called him out. Francona argued and was ejected.

He looked out to me as Bard never dropped the ball. Tremendous throw by Ichiro.

Top of the 4th: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

1-2-3 inning for Beckett, who has retired five in a row.

Middle of the 3rd: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Aviles had a single. Varitek then grounded into a force play before Scutaro grounded into a double play. If you were thinking about going to bed, today might be a good game for that. It doesn’t look good.

Top of the 3rd: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Wilson singled but Ichiro grounded into a 3-6-3 double play and Gutierrez grounded out.


Middle of the 2nd: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

1-2-3 inning for Felix. Six up and six down for him.

Top of the 2nd: Mariners 5, Red Sox 0

Beckett had allowed five runs in the first inning all season. He had given up five runs in a game only once all season.

Then game this:

Ichiro: First-pitch home run
Gutierrez: Single
Ackley: Double
Carp: Two-run single
Pena: Fly to center
Wells: Two-run homer

That’s five runs on five hits. Against Felix Hernandez, that looks huuuuge. But there are eight innings to play.

Middle of the 1st: Red Sox 0, Mariners 0

Ellsbury (pop to short), Crawford (grounder to second) and Gonzo (liner to center) all made contract off the King but had nothing to show for it. Beckett warming up.

68 degrees at first pitch. Lots of empty seats here. But lots of Red Sox fans, too.

Pre-game: It’s another beautiful night at Safeco Field for Beckett vs. King Felix. It should be a fun game.

There were a bunch of Red Sox fans taking the tour of the park today and several came over to say hi when they got to the press box. One of the best parts of this job has been meeting people in person at parks around the country. Red Sox fans show up everywhere.

Hang out here for updates deep into the night. And, as always, we welcome your comments.

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