Red Sox come away angry after loss

SEATTLE — You can always tell more about a person’s character and spirit based on how they react when things are going badly. The same is true of a team.

So be happy, Red Sox fans, that the clubhouse was full of ticked-off ballplayers tonight.

Josh Beckett answered the first two questions with the same six words — “Left pitches up, they got hit” — before he relented and expanded his vocabulary just a bit. He was squeezing his iPad so hard I thought it was going to pop.

Terry Francona was still steaming about the call at the plate that was reversed in the fourth inning by fill-in umpire Mark Ripperger. Never mind that the umpires got the call right and even Jacoby Ellsbury admitted he was out, Francona looked like he wanted to throw things around his office.


The Sox were down 5-0 against Felix Hernandez. They cut the lead to 5-4 and put five runners on base before the game ended. But none of them scored. What could have been a memorable win turned into a bitter loss.

A big part of what makes the Sox such a good team is that they don’t casually give games away. They understand that over the course of 162, things are going to happen. But that doesn’t mean they have to like it.

That attitude will serve them well over the next few months.

Thanks to everybody for reading. Catch you tomorrow.

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