Youkilis back a concern

The Red Sox appear to be entering the injury phase of their season. Not only do they have J..D. Drew and Clay Buchholz on the disabled list, but Kevin Youkilis’ nagging back problem isn’t getting any better.

The team medical staff and Youkilis are expected to re-evaluate the Sox third baseman today. There is a possibility Youkilis could need some down time, much like David Ortiz who is dealing with right heel bursitis. The Red Sox are not likely to keep two star players on the sideline without having one go on the disabled list.

That’s a decision that could be made as early as today as the team heads to Kansas City for a four-game road trip.


The Sox have also had to deal with shortstop Marco Scutaro’s back issues. So the cumulative affect of three starters out with ailments has left the Sox a little thin right in the middle of a three-game slump where they’ve managed only three hits in each of the last three games.

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