No decision from Red Sox on Irene plans

ARLINGTON, Texas — There’s still no word from the Red Sox on their plans for this weekend as Hurricane Irene approaches.

The current model has the storm arriving in New England sometime on Sunday. The Red Sox have a 1:35 p.m. game scheduled with the Athletics that day.

“I’ve spent a lot of time talking today to everybody at home and coming up with different scenarios or potential scenarios,” Terry Francona said. “Obviously there’s a lot going on.”

The Red Sox will not arrive in Boston until 5 a.m tomorrow. That seems to eliminate the possibility of a doubleheader tomorrow.


“I would not be in favor of that. That would be tough duty,” Francona said.

So the choices are two games on Saturday or take a chance on Sunday. Once we get word from the Red Sox, we will pass it along.

The storm is affecting several players individually. J.D. Drew is scheduled to be the DH for Class A Lowell tomorrow night. RHP Bobby Jenks is in Salem, Va., hoping to pitch in his first rehab game on Saturday. But obviously that could change.

Kevin Youkilis, meanwhile, took some soft toss today.

Ryan Lavarnway remains on the roster and Francona indicated that may not change with Sept. 1 right around the corner.

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