A friendly reminder on posting comments

We had nearly 600 comments on Extra Bases yesterday and based on previous years, interest will grow as the Red Sox get closer to the playoffs then really blow up in October.

We welcome your comments and participation on the blog. It’s a tremendous way to interact with your fellow fans during the games.

Just a few reminders:

• Please don’t use curse words or implied curse words.

• Please don’t call each other names or use derogatory or mean-spirited names for the players. There are a lot of good fans on this blog and that sort of thing drags down the level of discussion. You should be able to make a point without being crude.


• Fans from other teams, particularly the Yankees, will meander over here and some could try and start trouble. Best to just ignore these trolls and they will go away. If somebody is particularly bothersome, let us know.

• If you have a question about the team, keep in mind that the writers don’t always have time to review every comment. It’s best to drop us an e-mail to get a quick answer.

• For the most part, try and think of what you would say to somebody if they were standing next to you. Being behind a computer makes it easy to say something that is callous. I’ve been guilty of that myself and it’s silly. If we treat other like we’re at a bar watching the game, the discussions can only be better.

As always, if you have any suggestions, comments or criticism, please drop me a line. And if you’re at Fenway, say hello. It’s a lot more fun meeting people in person.

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