Mark Teixeira and what might have been

When Mark Teixeira decided to sign with the Yankees instead of the Red Sox in December of 2008, John Henry and Co. were furious.

Henry and Larry Lucchino went to Dallas to recruit Teixeira on Dec. 18 and the meeting ended badly. The Sox felt Teixeira and agent Scott Boras were stringing them along to get a better deal from the Yankees.

The Sox stormed out of the meeting, Henry sending e-mails to reporters saying they were out of the chase. Teixeira signed with the Yankees a week later. Then came word that his wife had wanted him to sign with the Yankees all along.


Henry even chided Teixeira on Twitter during the 2009 season, referring to an “MT curse” when the first baseman got off to a slow start. Teixeira got angry when he heard about that.

So who won?

The Yankees are 279-178 since Teixeira signed and have won 16 playoff games along with one World Series. The Red Sox are 266-192 and haven’t won a playoff game since 2008. So, for now, Teixeira has had the last laugh.

But it’s worth noting that Teixeira is 6 of 48 (.125) against the Red Sox this season with four RBIs in 13 games. He is hitting .252 against the Red Sox as a member of the Yankees over 49 games, albeit with 15 homers and 33 RBIs.

Now that the Red Sox have their own All-Star first baseman in Adrian Gonzalez, the loss of Teixeira has been largely forgotten. But you can bet that Henry and his front-office comrades must grin at least a little bit whenever Teixeira makes an out.

It makes you wonder what would have happened had that meeting in Dallas ended differently and Teixeira had signed with the Sox.

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