The Hit Dog returns to Fenway Park


Back in the day, this was the baddest man at Fenway Park.

The Hit Dog, Mo Vaughn, is at the yard tonight to throw out the first pitch and help raise money for The Jimmy Fund. Vaughn played for the Red Sox from 1991-98, hitting .304/.394/.542 with 230 home runs.

He was the MVP in 1995 and made the All-Star team three times. He was David Ortiz before there was David Ortiz.

“Any name I ever made for myself, I made here in Boston,” said Vaughn, who went on to play for the Angels and Mets before retiring after the 2003 season. “I’m in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. This is where it’s at.”


Vaughn follows the Sox and said he loves watching Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez hit.

“It’s nice to see those guys go the other way and go over that Green Monster,” he said.

Mo is now a successful real estate developer in the metropolitan New York area, renovating rundown properties and creating affordable housing.

“I’m there with the New York fans. I mess with them a lot,” he said.

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