Big Papi plays Cupid for Texas couple


Greg Escovedo took his girlfriend Melissa Cheek to Fenway Park this weekend. They’re both from Fort Worth, but he’s a Rangers fan and she’s a Sox fan.

Greg arranged for them to get on the field for batting practice and once there, he proposed to Melissa.

David Ortiz got wind of the plans and was standing there to take the scene in. He congratulated the couple then led a round of applause from the fans around the dugout.

“Give it up, people,” he said. “They’re getting married.”

“I can’t believe any if this,” Melissa said, wiping away some tears. “That was amazing. I never expected that. And to have David there … I don’t even know what to say.”


Greg said that while he plans to continue to root for the Rangers, he has new respect for Ortiz.

“He’s a great guy to do that,” Greg said. “You hear that he’s a nice guy and he really is. That was something we’ll never forget.”

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