Jackson bruised and battered after collision


Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Conor Jackson was moving slowly in the clubhouse as he dressed. His right knee was bruised and wrapped in a compression bandage. He also had a sore right wrist, forearm and ribs.

The new Red Sox outfielder ran full-speed into the fence in front of the Red Sox bullpen in third inning chasing a ball hit by Ian Kinsler. Jackson didn’t make the catch and came away hurting.

“I think the worse is probably the knee,” he said. “It’s still banged up. After a few days of treatment, it will be all right.”


Terry Francona and head athletic trainer Mike Reinold ran out to right field to attend to Jackson. He stayed in the game, but did not come back out for the fourth inning. X-rays were negative.

Jackson was playing in right field for the Sox for the first time since being obtained from Oakland on Wednesday night. He has experience in right, but is usually a left fielder or first baseman.

“It was a ball in the gap. It carried a lot more than I thought it was going to go. Usually when you know a ball’s going to go far, usually after five or six steps you’re looking to see where you are. When a ball’s hit and the wind takes it, you don’t have that luxury,” Jackson said.

“First day out in right field, I’m not going to hold up on a fly ball. I was pretty close to catching it. I felt like I ran into a truck.”

John Lackey, who gave up the hit, applauded Jackson’s determination.

“He never thought about slowing down. He hit that thing hard,” Lackey said. “You appreciate the effort as a pitcher. But, hey, you don’t want them to run into a wall like that for you. He’s going to be hurting for a couple of days.

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