Final: Rangers 11, Red Sox 4

Game over: Rangers 11, Red Sox 4

Texas had 15 hits and hammered the Sox again. The Rangers won the season series 6-4 and scored 65 runs.

Lackey (12-11) was the loser and Harrison (11-9) was the winner. It was played before 37,744 at Fenway, many who are in their cars reading this on their phones. Hi, guys!

Sox head to Toronto for a day game tomorrow.

Middle of the 9th: Rangers 11, Red Sox 4

Holy cow. Napoli hit a ball high off the back wall in center, way above the blacked-out seats. What a rocket. Then Kinsler hit a ball over everything in left that hit the garage across Lansdowne St. He has six homers against the Sox this season.


OK, boys, seven to tie and eight to win.

Top of the 9th Rangers 9, Red Sox 4

There’s no quit in the Red Sox. Gonzo walked and went to third on a double by Youkilis. Ortiz then singled in a run and McDonald had a sac fly for another. It all came off Mike Gonzalez.

Middle of the 8th: Rangers 9, Red Sox 2

1-2-3 inning for Bowden with strike outs of Young and Beltre. Nice work.

Top of the 8th: Rangers 9, Red Sox 2

Albers left the bases loaded in the top of the inning. Then the Sox showed an offensive pulse in the bottom. Crawford had an infield single and took third on a double by Salty. Scutaro then came through with a two-run single. But Ellsbury and Aviles left him there.

Mike Bowden is in now. Decent outing for Albers: 1.2 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 4 K. Hey, he’s gotta start somewhere.

Yankees won 9-3.

Top of the 7th: Rangers 9, Red Sox 0

The Sox went in order weakly as Gonzalez flied to left, Youkilis popped to second and Ortiz struck out. Harrison threw seven pitches. Courageous inning there for the Sox.

Then Francona took Pedroia out of the game, subbing Aviles in. That’s the white flag.


Middle of the 6th: Rangers 9, Red Sox 0

Ka-boom. The Rangers sent 12 men to the plate and scored seven runs on five hits, four walks and a sacrifice fly. Lackey was responsible for the first four runs. Felix Doubront then came in and was worse.

Another lopsided Rangers-Red Sox game. The Sox will be 1.5 games out after today. They haven’t been that far out since July 5.

Lackey was due for one of these and it comes at just the wrong time.

Top of the 6th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0

Scutaro walked with one out and took second on a wild pitch. Ellsbury lined to second as Kinsler made a great play on a ball up the middle. Pedroia then fouled out to first. He’s having a bad day. 0 for 3 with an error.

Jackson update

He left the game with a bruised right knee.

Middle of the 5th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0

Chavez hit a ball to the right of the mound. Lackey fell and from his knees threw the ball away. It went as a single and an error. With Chavez on second, Lackey settled don and retired the side.

Two runs on five hits over five innings for Lackey. He’s doing his job.

Top of the 5th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0

Ortiz walked with two outs before McDonald singled. Crawford gave it a ride to straightaway center but Chavez tracked it down.

Sox have left a runner stranded in scoring position in each of the last three innings.

Middle of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0


Young walked before Beltre flied to right. When Murphy grounded up the middle, Scutaro made a slick flip to Pedroia. But in a rare burst of bad judgment, he threw the ball in the dugout and Murphy ended up at second.

Napoli walked but Lackey whiffed Moreland to end the inning.

Update: Jackson leaves game

Conor Jackson, who crashed into the bullpen wall in the third inning, did not come out to play right field. Darnell McDonald is in. No word yet on the injury.

Top of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0

Ellsbury doubled with two outs then Pedroia grounded to second. Harrison looks sharp so far.

Middle of the 3rd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0

It’s 2-0 and it could have been a lot worse on several fronts.

Chavez started the inning with a double. Ellsbury, perhaps cognizant of what happened on the earlier triple, pulled up on a ball that landed at the base of the wall. Kinsler followed with a drive to right center. Jackson gave chase and slammed into the fence in front of the Red Sox bullpen.

As Kinsler went to third with an RBI triple, Jackson clutched his left arm and appeared injured. But after being attended to, he stayed in the game.

Andrus was next and he hit a liner back to the mound. Lackey grabbed it and doubled Kinsler off third. Hamilton then popped to center. Lackey has given up a bunch of hard contact already.

Top of the 3rd: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Youkilis singled for his first since coming off the DL on Friday. Ortiz then reached on an infield. Something cooking?

Nope. Jackson grounded into a double play and Crawford struck out. Some fans actually booed him. Never mind that grand slam yesterday.

Yankees up 4-0 at home against Toronto with Sabathia on the mound.

Middle of the 2nd: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Murphy had a triple to center with one out. Ellsbury chased the ball to the wall and was to close when it hit, the ricochet getting behind him. With the infield in, Napoli singled down the third base line. Moreland then grounded into a 4-6-3 double play, Pedroia making the play on a hard-hit ball.

That’s a 10-game hit streak for Murphy. That Eric Gagne trade keeps getting worse.

Top of the 2nd: Rangers 0, Red Sox 0

Harrison handled the Red Sox with ease. Ellsbury grounded to second, Pedroia broke his bat and popped to third and Gonzalez struck out.

Middle of the 1st: Rangers 0, Red Sox 0

Lackey hit Hamilton with two outs before getting Young on a fly ball to right field. Lackey has hit 18 batters this season, the most in the majors. The Sox also lead the majors with 72 as a team.

Pre-game: It’ll be John Lackey against Matt Harrison as the Red Sox try to win the series before embarking on their penultimate road trip of the regular season. They have a day game in Toronto tomorrow.

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