September swoon grips the Red Sox

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The most interesting quote of the night came from Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria when asked about the Red Sox.

“They’re a good ballclub, they know what they stakes are, they know where we are at and I’m sure there is some feeling of urgency on their side as well,” he said. “At least we hope that.”

He didn’t intend to, but Longoria spoke for a lot of Red Sox fans. That’s seven losses in the last nine games for the Sox after a 7-2 setback.

There certainly wasn’t any sense of urgency tonight. The Red Sox were rather desultory, seemingly content to let another game drift away.


Terry Francona said they needed to be more consistent and Dustin Pedroia said they had to play better. The usual stuff.

The Sox were awful for two weeks in April and fixed it. They’ve been awful for 10 days now and they have to fix it again. History suggests they will. But right now, it’s ugly and something has to happen soon to change that.

Kyle Weiland, who never expected to be in this situation, faces Jeremy Hellickson tomorrow night. That doesn’t sound like a solution, but baseball is anything but predictable.

Certainly nobody predicted that on Sept. 9, the Red Sox would be sweating the wild card.

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