Any pitching out there for the Red Sox?

ST. PETERSBURG – Where’s Pedro Martinez when you need him?

The Red Sox could have used a little reinforcement from a veteran starter type of pitcher. But thet have checked their lists and rechecked their lists and for the moment don’t feel there’s anyone out there available who’s better than what they have according to a team official.

It’s tricky this time of the year because a pitcher would have had to clear waivers. If he has, he’s usually not worth taking a flyer on because it means he isn’t that good. It also means you can’t use him on the playoff roster.


There are no Paul Byrds out there.

The Sox had one in veteran Kevin Millwood, but they let him escape to the Colorado Rockies where he’s gone 2-2 with an ERA of 3.79 in six starts. He might have been someone to plug in, but team officials never thought he could help them at the major league level. So he went off to the Rockies where he’s pitched fairly well.

There are guys like Livan Hernandez, Jeff Francis, Javier Vazquez, Aaron Harang, Barry Zito, Brett Myers etc. out there. But they would either be costly, not effective enough or had a waiver claim put on them.

The Red Sox, who are currently trying to endure injuries to Josh Beckett, Erik Bedard, Clay Buchholz, and now John Lackey with a calf contusion, are trotting out one healthy stud in Jon Lester and then Lackey, Tim Wakefield, tonight’s starter Kyle Weiland and Andrew Miller.

Hard to win that way.

Terry Francona was asked about the possibility of putting Alfredo Aceves in the rotation, and admitted the team had discussed and “Maybe we’ll have to” but Francona is resisting that because he feels Aceves is so valuable in the bullpen.


Aceves would prefer to start.

So Pedro, if you’re reading this, take a few warm-up tosses and give Theo Epstein a call.

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