Josh Beckett set for Thursday or Friday; Bobby Jenks diagnosed with embolism

You want Red Sox news? We have Red Sox news:

Josh Beckett will start Thursday or Friday. His right foot feels good and he will talk to the specialist today. Then, presumably, they’ll reach a decision about which day he pitches.

“I said, ‘Look, whatever’s in your best interest If you think the extra day helps you even more, we’ll push you back. That’s kind of where we’re at,” Terry Francona said.

Bobby Jenks was diagnosed with a small pulmonary embolism, which is a blockage in an artery in the lungs. According to Terry Francona, the condition is treatable with medication and is not career threatening.


The issue was discovered during the process of treating his ongoing back issues. Sources have said that Jenks will get back surgery once the embolism is cleared up.

“Through the course of all the testing they were doing on his back, they found a pulmonary embolism, which is certainly nothing to mess around with,” Francona said. “Bobby was put on a medication and that’s probably going to slow down the efforts to look at his back. But in a hurry, the back becomes secondary. Bobby’s doing fine, he’s on the proper medication. He’s doing great.”

Kevin Youkilis confirmed the report by Nick Cafardo that he will get surgery to correct a sports hernia once the season is over. The injury is on his left side, as is the bursitis in his hip. Youkilis hopes to play as often as possible down the stretch.

Clay Buchholz threw on the field again today. He has been cleared to throw in the bullpen, which will likely happen on Wednesday or Thursday.

Erik Bedard is close to throwing again and could start of the games of the doubleheader on Monday.

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