Some random thoughts on the Red Sox

A few random, rainy-day Red Sox thoughts to consider . . .

• Let’s assume for a second that the Sox make the playoffs. Who are the 11 pitchers they name to the postseason roster for the first round? Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Jonathan Papelbon, Daniel Bard, and Alfredo Aceves. That’s five.

Then you have … um …. Erik Bedard, presumably, and John Lackey because somebody has to start. Then four relief pitchers. Good luck making up that list. Albers? Morales? Wakefield?

• The Sox have not won two straight since sweeping a doubleheader from Oakland on Aug. 27. In other news, it’s Sept. 20.


• The Sox were 84-54 after beating Texas on Sept. 3. They are 4-12 since. Their starting pitchers are 3-8 with a 6.81 ERA and a 1.64 WHIP and have averaged 4.87 innings in those 16 games. Take Josh Beckett’s two starts out and the ERA is 7.51.

I realize that’s a short sample. But 7.51?

• For a 25th-man type of player, Darnell McDonald has made way too many mistakes in the field and on the bases this season.

• Marco Scutaro is hitting .407/.448/.576 in September. He should be the shortstop until Jose Iglesias is ready.

• The save is a pretty meaningless stat. That said, from Aug. 19 to Sept. 19, Papelbon has one. How is that even possible?

• Lackey for Barry Zito. Make it happen. What is the worse thing that can happen, that Zito stinks?

• Has Tim Wakefield made his final appearance at Fenway Park?

• In case you missed it, Fenway Park is hosting a haunted-house type of attraction from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6. There will be the usual things that make you shriek in fear: zombies, ghosts, J.D. Drew’s contract, goblins, the posting fee for Dice-K, monsters, witches, Bobby Jenks.

• The Sox should bring Robin Williams to Fenway Park to tell poor Kyle Weiland that it’s not his fault. Meanwhile, if the kid has to start, why not have Ryan Lavarnway catch him? Given Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s slump of late, it’s a potential bonus in several ways.


• David Ortiz has eight games left to hit one homer and drive in five runs. That would give him 30/100 for the seventh time in his career.

• Big Papi is right, Aceves should be a starter. But that should have happened a month ago. It’s too late now. He should come to camp as a starter next season.

• Is this Clay Buchholz stuff a little crazy? He hasn’t pitched since June 16. He threw — his words — at 75 percent off the mound Saturday. Now we’re to believe he’ll be effective in a playoff game? At some point, that doesn’t add up.

• The next time the Bruins are at Fenway, have them go to the clubhouse and list all the injuries they play with. The Stiff Neck And Sore Back Society needs a good talking to.

• I really don’t understand why a yellow line isn’t painted on the wall right beneath the Pesky Pole all the way to the dirt. Why does that call have to be so difficult all the time?

• This organization hasn’t won a playoff game since Oct. 18, 2008. That’s two years and 11 months. If that streak continues, doesn’t John Henry have to wonder where all this money is going? Or are Fenway Park and NESN such cash machines that it doesn’t matter?

• I watch NESN. I work for NESN. I like all the people at NESN. But that Bill James temperature gauge doesn’t make a damn bit of sense in the context it’s used. I think we’re all smart enough to figure out which players are hitting well.


• Finally, here’s hoping your experiences at Fenway are as pleasant as mine. The security people, elevator operators, ushers, etc. literally could not be nicer folks. Fenway is a cool old ballpark. But the people are what make it a special place.

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