Is there a point to making the playoffs?

Curt Schilling said the other day that he didn’t think the Red Sox would make the playoffs. Terry Francona had the exact right response, saying he “didn’t give a [expletive]” what Schilling had to say.

What I found more interesting was this sentence from Schilling:

“I don’t want them to make the playoffs because I don’t think they have a chance to go anywhere.”

Believe it or not, the odds remain fairly high that the Red Sox will make the playoffs. They have a two-game advantage on the Rays with seven to play.

But is there a point to all this? If the Sox stagger into the postseason, wouldn’t they be instant toast? It’s hard to conceive of the Red Sox winning any series at this point given their crummy pitching. Just pack up and go home and see what underachieving free agent they can sign over the winter.


Perhaps. But Josh Beckett and Jon Lester are top-of-the-line starters. Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon are (usually) top-of-the-line relievers. Alfredo Aceves can fill in gaps. If the offense swings the bats, it’s not heretical to think they can win the first round.

If they play the Yankees in the ALCS … well they are 11-4 against the Yankees this season.

This we know for sure, they can’t possibly win if they’re sitting at home. Schilling, who played a role in the greatest comeback ever, should know better than to just give up.

What’s your take, do you want the Sox in or out?

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