Their kingdom for a starter

Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Tim Wakefield, Andrew Miller and Kyle Weiland have produced two quality starts in 18 tries since Sept. 3. One was by Lester on Sept. 6 against Toronto, the other by Beckett on Sept. 16 against Tampa Bay.

Those are two of the four games the Sox have won since Sept. 3. In their other two victories, the Red Sox scored 18 runs in each game.

Every else is just noise. Starting pitching is what has led to this collapse. That’s why, as John Tomase of the Herald reported earlier today, the Sox were trying to trade for Mets lefty Chris Capuano to start on Sunday against the Yankees.


That’s how desperate the Sox are. They would be willing to trade for a pitcher knowing he couldn’t be on the postseason roster.

Sources say the deal won’t be made. Is there some starter out there Theo Epstein can find? This is starting to sound like one of those NESN reality shows. Only nobody is laughing.

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