What if there’s a tie?

As of this morning, the Red Sox have a 2.5 game lead in the wild-card race on the Angels and Rays.

Games remaining:

Red Sox (6): 3 at New York, 3 at Baltimore

Angels (7): 1 at Toronto, 3 vs. Oakland, 3 vs. Texas

Rays (7): 1 at New York, 3 vs. Toronto, 3 vs. New York


If two teams are tied, they would play a one-game playoff on Sept. 29 at the team with the better head-to-head record in the season series.

Boston would be at Tampa Bay and host the Angels. The Rays and Angels split their season series. The team with the best winning percentage within its division would host. The Rays are 36-29 against the East; the Angels are 26-25 against the West.


If three teams are tied, MLB will conduct a drawing to determine Club A, Club B and Club C.

Club B would play at Club A on Sept. 29. The winner would then host Club C on Sept. 30 to determine the wild card.

Because the Rays were 16-10 against the Red Sox and Angels, they would get to choose which team they would be. Their options would be to play one game or two. They would surely choose to play one game.

The Red Sox would get the next choice, having gone 12-14 against the Rays and Angels. The Angels were 6-10. The Sox could decide to play two games at home or the first at home and the second on the road. They would certainly pick two home games.

The tiebreaker playoff winner would then play the next day, Oct. 1, in the Division Series on the road.

See this link for more details.

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