More on Jacoby Ellsbury’s historic season

BALTIMORE — Jacoby Ellsbury has 208 hits, 117 runs, 45 doubles, 31 homers, 103 RBIs, 38 steals and five triples.

Nobody in baseball history has ever had a season hitting those marks in those seven categories. The most comparable season was Alfonso Soriano in 2002. He had 209 hits, 128 runs, 51 doubles, 39 homers, 102 RBIs, 41 steals and two triples.

Ellsbury is hitting .322/.377/.551 while Soriano hit .300/.332/.547 for the Yankees that season. He finished third in the MVP voting behind Miguel Tejada and Alex Rodriguez.

For you fans of advanced metrics, Soriano had a 4.7 WAR that season. Jacoby is at 7.3 this season. So Ellsbury clearly had the better season.


It’ll be interesting to see where Ellsbury lands in the MVP voting. He has clearly passed teammates Adrian Gonzalez and Dustin Pedroia and deserves to be the top-ranked Red Sox.

The question is whether voters will reward Justin Verlander for what he has done for the division-champion Tigers or give the award to the statistically overwhelming (.304/.447/.615) Jose Bautista. Ellsbury seems sure to finish no worse than third and could well win it.

Another game-winning home run with all of baseball watching might make the difference.

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