Might Clay Buchholz be in the mix?

BALTIMORE — So guess who was walking around the Red Sox clubhouse last night after the game?

Clay Buchholz.

Turns out he is not going to Florida today to pitch in an Instructional League game. He will stay with the team and quite possibly could be activated for the game. At least that’s what he told WEEI.com.

Many fans are harboring hopes that Buchholz could ride to the rescue as a starter if there’s a play-in game tomorrow. But that seems far-fetched.

Buchholz has not pitched in a major league game since June 16. His workload since then includes handful of bullpen sessions and one 18-pitch inning on Tuesday. At best he could throw 30-40 pitches in a game over two or maybe three innings.

The best bet is that Buchholz serves as a reliever.


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