Red Sox-Cubs talks have been slow

CHICAGO — The Red Sox and Cubs have been discussing compensation for Theo Epstein’s departure to Chicago. But at this hour the talks were not far along, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

The Red Sox would likely want a top prospect such as outfielder Brett Jackson. The Cubs have only a few top players to choose from. As WEEI’s John Dennis tweeted, the Cubs have started from a position of trying to get the compensation with cash while the Red Sox are asking for a top prospect. It’s normal negotiation that will likely find a middle ground.


At this point, the Cubs have excited the masses in Chicago so there’s no way they can’t do a deal at this point.

How much is Theo Epstein involved in these talks? Former Cubs and Orioles president Andy Mac Phail said that back in 1994, when he left the Twins for the Cubs, he negotiated the deal for himself with his Twins successor, Terry Ryan. MacPhail said he and Ryan were able to come up with fair compensation even under those unusual circumstances.

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