Trading Josh Beckett would be a mistake

Don’t trade Josh Beckett. It’s a bad idea. You’re angry with him enough to send emails, call radio stations and curse his name. But take a step back.

Beckett had a 2.89 earned run average and a 1.02 WHIP over 193 innings. The Red Sox were 20-10 in games he started. Beckett also has two World Series rings and a 3.07 ERA in 93.2 career postseason innings.

The Red Sox are in no position to get rid of good starting pitchers. Beckett took the ball 30 times and 24 times he allowed three earned runs or less.

Beyond that, you’ll never get close to equal value in return for him. Beckett earned his 10/5 no-trade rights last season and can either refuse a trade or dictate where he goes. So that will cut down the market.


The Red Sox already need to find at least one decent start via trade or free agency. Getting two would be incredibly difficult.

Beckett can be a pain in the neck and he was wrong to hang around the clubhouse drinking beer when games were being played. But that can be fixed.

Beckett looked up to John Lackey and it’s my belief that Lackey poisoned the well and was more the ringleader than Beckett was. Get rid of Lackey what whatever the cost and take away Beckett’s playmate. Get a manager who will enforce the basic rules of conduct. Get a pitching coach who will stand up to him and Beckett will do his job.

The Red Sox lost because their starting pitching was atrocious. Trading Beckett makes that problem worse. The idea is to win games, not exact revenge.

Beckett didn’t get drunk and drive through an orphanage in a dump truck. He had a few pops in the clubhouse during the game. It was wrong and he needs a kick in the butt. But you don’t trade somebody for that.

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