Adrian Gonzalez comments on postseason fallout

Adrian Gonzalez spoke about the disappointing end to the Red Sox season on San Diego sports radio XX 1090 yesterday.

“When you have the finish that we did and lose out on the playoffs the way that we did there’s going to be a lot of things to happen and a lot has happened in the last two weeks,” Gonzalez said to host Darren Smith. “It’s something that I’m just trying to monitor as close as I can but stay away from it as well …

“It was my first year, I came in to get the know the people, get to know the organization, and go out there and play every game and do the best I can. I did that so I didn’t know how it had been there in Boston in the past so I tried to stay pretty hands-off and not get too involved in anything this year, just go out there and play the game and it didn’t go well and I keep hearing a lot of things that things are different and things like that. I really didn’t know how things were going to unfold, but there has been a lot of changes.


Gonzalez said he really enjoyed playing in Boston but not making the playoffs “really hurts” and it wasn’t something he expected.

Gonzalez said he expected a tough schedule, didn’t think it would be that hard on his body, but wasn’t blaming the schedule for the team’s September collapse. He’s been criticized for his comments in September regarding the schedule.

“I’ve learned that you don’t try to go out and try to justify your comments,” he said. “You just let them be because you are never going to win the battle of trying to justify yourself.”

Gonzalez spoke more about the 7-20 stretch that knocked the Sox out of postseason play.

“We definitely didn’t play the baseball that we could,” Gonzalez said. “We didn’t do it on every aspect of the game. We didn’t hit when we needed to hit. We didn’t play defense when we needed to play defense and we didn’t get the outs we needed to down the stretch, so yeah we really didn’t play great baseball and we lost out on the playoffs because of it.”

Gonzalez said he didn’t have a relationship with former Sox manager Terry Francona but called him “a great players’ manager, a great field manager.”

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