Kalish feeling no pain after surgery

Good job by Brendan McGair of the Pawtucket Times, who spoke to Ryan Kalish about his neck surgery last month.

The outfield prospect, who was limited to 24 games because of shoulder and neck injuries, is feeling no pain at this point.

“At this point, honestly, I can’t really tell that anything was done to my neck,” Kalish said. “You have post-surgery pain and all that, but that’s totally gone. It just feels like a normal neck. My range of motion feels good and I’m not experiencing any pain. I’m actually rehabbing my shoulder too; everything is connected. I’m just making sure everything as strong and flexible to prevent anything further down the line.”

That’s good news for the Red Sox. If healthy, Kalish would have a chance to be the every day right fielder in 2012.


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