Slim pickings for Red Sox

CHICAGO — One of the problems in coming up with a deal for Theo Epstein is that the Cubs have so few prospects that even appeal to the Red Sox.

The ones they have, they want to keep.

“Couldn’t Theo have picked the Texas Rangers or the Tampa Bay Rays?” quipped one American League general manager. “It’s got to be difficult to make a deal given the pool of players you want is so limited.”

The problem in attempting to come up with compensation is precisely the problem that Epstein will face as head of that organization.


So Tuesday is here and we’re heading into mid-day and nothing has happened. Doesn’t mean it won’t on the last day a major announcement can be made prior to the World Series.

What’s been amusing are reports out of Chicago that Larry Lucchino has been difficult to deal with in this process. Difficult? The Cubs, realizing they have nothing, are trying to hold to that nothing.

“It sounds like the process, from what I’ve heard second hand, has been quite frustrating on the Red Sox end,” said the GM.

Here’s one suggestion: maybe they should deal Epstein to the Cubs for a player to be named later? Because the players being named now don’t knock your Sox off.

Or maybe Epstein himself should negotiate the compensation himself on behalf of the Cubs. Andy MacPhail did it when he left Minnesota for the Cubs in 1994 and MacPahil said it worked out smoothly.

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