Epstein still working in Boston

ST. LOUIS – Theo Epstein worked at his Boston office all day today according to sources. If there’s a press announcement he needs to get to in Chicago, he didn’t get to it today. That doesn’t mean he won’t get there tonight or early tomorrow morning, but he continued his Red Sox business today.

The sides remain logjammed over compensation.

The Red Sox need the Cubs to feel the pain for taking Epstein away and the Cubs need to feel as though they haven’t given much up and still acquired one of the best team builders in the game.


“Both sides have really dug in with their positions,” said a major league source.

Who will blink first?

The solution offered here is allow Epstein to negotiate or have input in who the Cubs give up for him. Epstein wants this done. He’s got bigger problems with the Cubs than the loss of one top prospect.

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