Don’t expect a windfall for Theo Epstein

Readers are e-mailing to suggest various scenarios regarding compensation from the Cubs for Theo Epstein.

Obviously, Red Sox fans want a resolution that greatly favors the Red Sox. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

• There will not be a three-way compensation deal with the Padres. Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod are leaving San Diego for Chicago and the compensation will be a prospect from a list that has already been drawn up. So forget the notion of unloading John Lackey on the Padres that way.

• Epstein is leaving with a year left on his deal, so the Red Sox are entitled to some compensation. But he also is leaving for a better job, so the compensation isn’t going to be something outrageous. Getting an executive out of his deal a year early is not worth Matt Garza.


• I don’t see this becoming complicated. In other words, the idea of the Red Sox sending the Cubs a package of Epstein, Jose Igeslias and a prospect for Starlin Castro is far-fetched.

• In the end, the Red Sox will likely get two or three prospects. Or a prospect and a guy like Jeff Baker. That’s what precedent suggests. The Red Sox will get some potentially helpful players, not a windfall of talent.

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