Baseball coverage in today’s Globe

ARLINGTON, Texas — Good afternoon from Texas. Kind of a cool coincidence today as the Cardinals are playing the Rangers on one side of the parking lot and the Rams are playing the Cowboys on the other.

Josh Hamilton and Lance Berkman did the coin flip over at Cowboys Stadium.

It was a treat to cover Game 3 last night and see the show that Albert Pujols put on. Here’s the story from the Globe.

As Nick Cafaro writes, it was the stuff of dreams for a pending free agent.

As for the Red Sox, Nick wrote in his Sunday Baseball Notes that the Red Sox would welcome John Farrell returning as manager but it could be a long shot.


New GM Ben Cherington has a lot on his plate as he prepares to take over.

Dan Shaughnessy writes it was a success story all the way for Theo Epstein in Boston.


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