A few observations from the World Series

ARLINGTON, Texas — With the Red Sox announcing Ben Cherington as their new general manager tomorrow, it’s time to bail out of the World Series and head home.

But here are a few little tidbits picked up from some time in Dallas:

• The Rangers have not lost consecutive games since dropping three straight against the Red Sox from Aug. 23-25. The Sox outscored the Rangers 30-7 in those games. Apparently the devastating effects of beer and fried chicken hadn’t kicked in yet at that point.

• Here’s Lance Berkman on Texas starter Derek Holland: “He is throwing 95 miles an hour from the left side. How many guys in the game do that as starting pitchers? There are a handful of them that are all studs. Jon Lester, CC Sabathia, [David] Price. There’s very few of them out there.”


• It’s amazing how many of the Rangers speak highly of Adrian Beltre’s presence in the clubhouse and obviously his play speaks for itself. Once the Red Sox obtained Adrian Gonzalez, keeping Beltre became almost impossible both from a financial and roster standpoint. But in retrospect, he might have changed some things on and off the field.

• Bud Selig wasn’t too thrilled that the Red Sox and Cubs messed around for 10 days during the playoffs without reaching a compensation deal on Theo Epstein. Both teams look ridiculous in the eyes of people around the game for dithering so long over what should have been a simple transaction.

• MLB’s Joe Torre isn’t sending out Melvin Purvis and Elliot Ness to investigate the Red Sox. But clearly MLB wants assurances that the clubhouse misbehavior is cleaned up and won’t happen again.

• The Red Sox should stay far, far away from C.J. Wilson. He has pitched poorly to this point in the postseason, doesn’t seem to realize it and has treated press conferences like trips to the dentist. He does not appear to be somebody who would flourish in a big-market environment.

Scouts also have concerns that his “inverted W” mechanics will lead to arm issues.


• Politics are not a subject to be discussed here. But when it comes to throwing out a first pitch, George W. Bush brings the cheese. The former president threw a heater to Nolan Ryan last night that ticked off the Hall of Famer’s glove and struck a photographer.

• It sounds like MLB and the MLBPA are very close to a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement, perhaps something that could be announced within 7-10 days. That’s good news for baseball fans given the issues with the NFL and NBA.

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