Epstein: ‘No raid’ of Red Sox employees

There are precious few people who work in baseball operations for the Red Sox who weren’t hired by Theo Epstein.

So with Epstein in Chicago, it will be interesting to see which Red Sox employees — if indeed any — follow him there. As in any business, some people are loyal to the company and others to their boss.

“There’s not going to be any raid,” Epstein told reporters in Chicago today.

Ben Cherington said Epstein hasn’t asked for permission to speak to any Sox staff members and any such requests would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If, for instance, somebody blocked from advancing in Boston could better themselves in Chicago, the Sox might be willing to stand aside.


It’s worth noting about two dozen staffers from the baseball operations department were on hand for the press conference today and cheered when Cherington was introduced. By all accounts, his promotion was a popular choice.

If Epstein’s departure was amicable — and nothing so far suggests otherwise — then it seems unlikely he would damage the Sox by luring away valued employees. But if one or two were to leave, it would not be a surprise.

If anything, the Red Sox could add to their staff as Cherington spoke today about his desire to hire more scouts.

As for the remaining coaches — Tim Bogar, DeMarlo Hale, Dave Magadan and Gary Tuck — Cherington has spoken to all four and basically said their jobs are on hold until a new manager takes over. It’s common for one or two coaches to remain with a team after a managerial switch.

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