Larry Lucchino defends John Henry, Josh Beckett

In a sometimes testy interview this morning on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan program, Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said the team’s manager search may take a few weeks and defended pitcher Josh Beckett and team owner John Henry.

Lucchino took exception to an article by co-host Gerry Callahan in the Boston Herald last week that criticized Henry’s now-famous appearance on The Sports Hub in the aftermath of the team’s September collapse. When Callahan challenged Lucchino’s assertion that the media has spent too much time covering the team’s collapse, Lucchino didn’t hold back.


“I think, for example, it led you into a pathetically petulant and misleading article about John Henry,” Lucchino told Callahan.

Asked what was misleading about it, Lucchino replied, “His role in the organization. You don’t even understand it. And how about the motivation as to why you wrote it? I think you took a situation – first of all, John can defend himself, and will – but you were, let’s use the word angry, because of an appearance on another station where John went to defend himself and his wife from some nasty personal accusations. And I think the motivation … that was the motivation for an article that doesn’t appreciate the role that John Henry plays in the governance of the Red Sox. The whole fundamental premise of the article was flawed.”

Lucchino also said the Red Sox have an initial list of eight or nine candidates for the vacant manager’s position, but there’s no favorite. He said it would take a few weeks before the team will settle on a new skipper, adding “there haven’t been a lot of internal discussions as to ranking these people yet.”

Lucchino was asked why pitcher Josh Beckett, unlike teammates Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz, has not publicly commented on pitchers drinking in the clubhouse during games this season.


“I think he is on the same page, just less willing to deal with the media right now,” Lucchino said. “But he was a highly motivated guy when I spoke to him. I think he feels like we as a team have something to prove. They as a pitching staff have something to prove. I think you will see a highly motivated Josh Beckett.”

He also said the team will have an announcement soon regarding ticket prices for 2012.

Listen to the full interview on WEEI.

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