Selig feels he may decide Epstein compensation

ST. LOUIS – Commissioner Bud Selig sounded like a man who may have to step into compensation talks between the Red Sox and Cubs.

The Commissioner, speaking before tonight’s Game 7 said, “They have until November 1st, which I guess is Tuesday before this comes to me and if I had to guess today, it’ll be another thing that I have to deal with on November 1st.”

Selig was asked if the issue of compensation and the long, drawn out process in getting Epstein to Chicago had tried his patience he said, “Obviously I’ve talked to both parties a lot, all parties involved. And you know, I am sensitive during the playoffs and World Series that nothing should take away from it. Fortunately nothing has, despite the fact there’s been a lot of conversation. I thought in the end it was OK. It was really all right. Everybody tried. It’s now done. We’ve moved on.”

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