Maddux will interview — if he can talk

Here’s an interesting twist in the Red Sox managerial saga: one of their candidates literally can’t talk.

Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux has laryngitis and has been communicating with the Red Sox via text message. His interview will not be until next week, if he can speak by then.

Via text message, Maddux passed on his views regarding his status as a candidate to manage the Red Sox or Cubs.

“I’m humbled to find out how highly some other organizations feel about me,” he typed. “Unbelievable to hear those two teams have interest. Both stories franchises, full of tradition. Ballparks are shrines and they have great fans year after year.”


Maddux said he did not seek the opportunity.

“It’s come upon our family and me quickly,” he wrote. “Just last week we were in the World Series and managing another club was not on the game plan. Pitching and defense are considered the foundation of a winning team. The better you pitch and catch, the better chance of winning. With that being said, I guess being a pitching coach is a level away from managing.”

One reason Maddux is getting so much consideration is the success former pitching coaches Bud Black (Padres) and John Farrell (Blue Jays) have had managing.

“Buddy and John opened the door for former pitchers to advance in the game up to the manager seat,” he wrote. “Because of their success, I feel that teams are more open to look into the idea of a former hurler leading a team.”

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