A few afternoon Red Sox items

A few Red Sox items worth mentioning:

• Mike Maddux will interview on Tuesday and Sandy Alomar Jr. on Wednesday according to Sean McAdam of Comcast.

• Did you know that Josh Reddick was playing with an MLB team touring Taiwan? He had two doubles, scored two runs and threw a guy out at the plate yesterday. It’s a four-game series.

• Jackie MacMullan wrote an interesting piece on Ben Cherington on ESPN that included this passage:

Epstein lauded J.D. Drew, armed with statistical subtleties that he could recite from memory. Yet there was a disconnect with the right fielder that many fans could not reconcile. How any player could be utterly devoid of emotion as his teammate (Jacoby Ellsbury) stole home directly in front of him was mind boggling to many.

“Drew is an interesting case,” Cherington said. “At his best he was a guy appreciated by both the objective and subjective camps. When he was at his best he had incredible physical skills that any scout could see. But if there was a failing, it was things like [the lack of emotion over the Ellsbury steal].

“I put a value on that. I prefer to have players for whom the game means something, as opposed to players who don’t care so much about the game.”

We’ll see how this plays out over time, but Cherington comes from a scouting background and that has to impact his decision making. Any team owned by John Henry will certainly take objective statistical analysis into account — as it should — but Cherington is clearly a guy who can see beyond the numbers.


There is no black and white when analyzing a player. You have to mix the objective with the subjective and make a good decision. It’s like voting for the MVP. You can’t just cut and paste the first 10 players ranked by fWAR and slap them on your ballot. There has to be some analysis of what “valuable” means.

Virtually every team has somebody on their staff who can crunch the numbers. The new edge may be to get the best scouts. What would be more valuable to a team, spending $2 million on a chump backup infielder or using that $2 million to hire the 10 best scouts you can find?

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