GM Meetings set to get started

MILWAUKEE — Greetings from Milwaukee, where MLB will hold its annual GM and owners meetings starting tomorrow. We’ll be blogging from here for the next four days.

The GMs will meet Tuesday and Wednesday and the owners on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Red Sox have two big items on their agenda:

No. 1: Hire a manager: Now that the first round of interviews are done, Ben Cherington is expected to huddle with the owners and narrow the field down. Follow-up interviews are likely to be conducted here. Given that John Henry and Tom Werner were not involved in the first set of interviews, some sort of second interview will have to be held.


Dale Sveum is one of the finalists and seems to be the favorite at this point.

The Cubs, meanwhile, are at the same point in their managerial search. Like the Red Sox, they have finished their first round of interviews. Sveum is one of their candidates, too. The situation could come to a boil this week.

(Just an aside, the Red Sox have been looking for a manager since Oct. 1. Tony La Russa retired on Oct. 31 and the Cardinals selected Mike Matheny on Nov. 12. How can one team need 12 days and the other 45 and counting?)

No. 2: Negotiate compensation with the Cubs for Theo Epstein: The Cubs hired Epstein on Oct. 12. Here it is Nov. 14 and the teams haven’t decided on compensation. Commissioner Bud Selig set a Nov. 1 deadline then didn’t enforce it.

Cherington and Epstein are supposed to sit down this week and hash it out.

As to other matters, don’t expect any major deals this week. The GMs actually have MLB meetings they have to attend and negotiations are somewhat limited. Usually the GM Meetings lay the groundwork for something that happens later on in the offseason.

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