Melvin endorses Sveum

MILWAUKEE – Brewers GM Doug Melvin had nice things to say about managerial candidate Dale Sveum, who is a candidate for both the Cubs and Red Sox jobs and is expected to interview for a second time with Boston as early as tomorrow..

Sveum, Melvin’s hitting coach, also served as interim manager for the Brewers.

“He follows the game real well. Sometime I’ll go to the office, I’ll pull in and it’s 8:30 in the morning and there’s Dale pulling in around the corner in his motorcycle, getting their early and preparing for the game, goes to lunch, comes back. He’s a very conscientious guy. He studies the game well. He’s done various facets of the game, third base coach, hitting guy,” Melvin said.


Why didn’t he get the fulltime job after the interim?

“That was more of a philosophical decision. We just wanted to go with a new name and a new face. I’m not a big believer in the interim type of guy. I might be wrong but the perception is that really doesn’t work out all of the time. Interim guys are nice guys in September and the next year they’re sometimes not the same guys. When it comes to the players I’ve seen that happen before. We just wanted to get someone new outside,” Melvin said.

Asked if Sveum handled the game well, he said, “Twelve games is hard to tell. He did enough to get us to the postseason. he’s well-prepared. He’s quite capable.” .

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