Cherington noncommittal regarding Wakefield

MILWAUKEE — Earlier today, the agent for Tim Wakefield made some provocative comments regarding the knuckleballer.

“He loves being a Red Sock and he loves being a baseball player,” Barry Meister said. “If for some reason they don’t feel like he can play, well he’s going to win 15 games somewhere else and show them that, once again, they’ve underestimated him.”

Ben Cherington’s response was noncommittal.

“I think we owe it to Tim to be able to present to him exactly what the opportunity would be, if any,” he said.

“If any.” That’s cold-blooded. It’s be very interesting to see where this leads. The Red Sox may be in a mode of clearing out as many old faces as they can.


As to other matters:

• There are now reports that Mike Maddux withdrew from consideration by the Cubs for family reasons. Perhaps that is what pushed Chicago toward Dale Sveum.

• There is nothing official with Sveum going the Cubs. Sveum has great respect for the Red Sox and is sure to go back to them and get their final thoughts before he makes any decision. But all signs point to Sveum going to the Cubs.

• The Red Sox have gone 48 days without a manager. The Cardinals hired Mike Matheny in 12 days and the Cubs (apparently) settled on Sveum in 14 days.

• I think Sveum could have done a fine job as manager in Boston. But would have been a tough sell to fans based on his adventures as third base coach in 2004-05. He also didn’t strike me as somebody who would be particularly comfortable with the media, a factor given the exhaustive coverage of the team.

My personal belief is that teams known their own people best. That being the case, Sveum was passed up by Milwaukee to be manager in 2008 and in 2010. That’s a red flag.

• Cherington met with Bob Garber tonight. He represents C.J. Wilson and Roy Oswalt.


• Torey Lovullo, anybody? Or could the Red Sox be bold and hire Sandy Alomar Jr.?

• Still think Trey Hillman deserves a shot.

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