The latest on the Red Sox and Bobby V

MILWAUKEE — Here is the latest on the roller coaster search for a new manager by the Red Sox.

It is uncertain whether Bobby Valentine would go through the day-long formal interview process the Red Sox set up for prior candidates or simply sit down with team officials in the coming days. Sources close to Valentine said he is very interested in the job.

The Red Sox, team sources said, are still considering three of their original candidates: Sandy Alomar Jr., Gene Lamont and Torey Lovullo. But none are scheduled for second interviews as of right now.


General manager Ben Cherington first talked about the job with Valentine several weeks ago.

Team president Larry Lucchino has long admired Valentine, which is likely the impetus behind this latest development. Valentine and Lucchino shared a stage in Hartford on Nov. 3 when they spoke at a forum about international baseball.

Lucchino would not comment when asked if he had one particular candidate in mind for the job. But he denied that the Red Sox were opening their search due to dissatisfaction with their original crop of candidates.

“We never closed it down,” Lucchino said. “It’s not a process where everybody moves in lockstep. You have different reasons to move people along, or other people have schedules they need to keep. You try to respond to people individually. Don’t expect a lockstep process. Until we hire somebody, we’re going to make sure we get the right guy.”

As for Cherington, Lucchino said the new GM has “the complete confidence” of ownership despite their apparent rejection of Sveum.

“He’s done a great job. He’s not a new guy to us. He’s a solid guy,” Lucchino said.

Cherington was asked about the perception that Lucchino has taken control of the search or somehow subverted him.


“Absolutely not. I don’t know where that comes from,” he said.

But on Wednesday night, Cherington acknowledged that Henry, Werner and Lucchino had become more involved in finding a new manager.

“We’ve learned a lot as we’ve sort of asked each other questions both within baseball operations and with ownership about what is it really that we need right now for this team,” he said. So, through that process, it’s sort of, I think forced all of us to consider whether the current group, whether we’re sort of looking at this in a broad enough way to really make the right decision.”

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