No surprise: Lasorda endorses Valentine for Sox job

It’s no surprise that Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda endorses Bobby Valentine for the Red Sox job. After all, he’s known Valentine since he was a hotshot 17-year-old centerfielder in rookie ball.

But the long-time Dodgers manager also thinks the Red Sox won’t find a better candidate to manage their team.

“Who are you going to find that has better qualifications than Bobby? Nobody. You need an experienced manager up there. You got guys eating chicken, drinking beer in the clubhouse and in the dugout? That won’t happen with Bobby there. He’s one of the best managers I’ve seen manage in big leagues. He game plans better than anyone I’ve ever been around,” Lasorda said.


“He would go good up there with those Italians,” kidded Lasorda.

“And what he’ll also do is he’ll be out there in community talking about the Red Sox all the time. It’s a perfect fit. I feel that John Henry and Larry Lucchino are two dear friends of mine, and they deserve to have someone like Bobby to manage their team,” Lasorda said.

Lasorda said he always tried to get Valentine to manage the Dodgers but “the one time we really had a chance, he was over there in Japan and he was very successful and we couldn’t get to him.”

“Bobby is exciting,” Lasorda. “He’ll never be dull. He’ll speak his mind. And I think that’s what the players and the fans need up there.”

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