Red Sox update, what there is of it

You know this story has died when the lead item on the 2:40 update on The Sports Hub was “The Patriots return to the practice field to get ready for Sunday’s game against the winless Colts.”


The Red Sox have not reached a decision but still plan to name a manager before the end of the week. Nothing has changed at this point from this morning. I can correct a bit of misinformation, however. Bobby Valentine will return from Japan tomorrow afternoon. He is not getting back today.

In talking to people involved, there seems to be real indecision about what is the right way to proceed and obviously they feel no pressure to rush to a decision. But something could happen at virtually any moment.


If something changes, we will endeavor to let you know.

Two shameless plugs:

• I’ll be on Fox Sports Maine (AM 910) with Rich Kimball at 5 p.m. today.

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