Charity work done, Ortiz turns to baseball


CAP CANA, Dominican Republic — The David Ortiz Charity Golf Classic is just about finished here at the Fishing Lodge resort. The banquet was tonight and Rachel Dratch of “Saturday Night Live” (and Lexington) was the host. She broke out a few well-timed cracks at the Yankees.

Obviously the goal was to raise money to provide medical care for sick kids in the DR and back in New England. Based on the figures being thrown around, they did that.

From a baseball standpoint, the quick visit of Bobby Valentine was the highlight. Perhaps that will lead to Big Papi staying with the Sox. He has until Wednesday to decide whether to accept arbitration.


Being a Type A free agent surely depresses the market for Ortiz as a team would have to surrender his first first-round pick for him. One way or another, it’s a good bet he’ll end up back in Boston.

“I’ve been putting a lot of time into this event,” Ortiz said tonight. “I’ll be talking to my agent next and we’ll see what happens. It’s time to get everything straight.”

Check back tomorrow for coverage from Dallas and the Winter Meetings.

Thanks to Regan Communications for the photos from the golf tournament today. Thanks also to Sean Flanagan for taking care of the press from Boston and to Alex Radetsky for inviting us down. David has some good folks working with him.

We also met a few Extra Bases readers down here and that was a lot of fun. It’s good to know we have some charitable folks checking in.

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