Not much news from the Red Sox

DALLAS — Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington just met with Boston-area reporters for nine minutes. It was baseball Ambien for the most part.

The Sox, Cherington said, have not yet been told that David Ortiz will accept arbitration before the midnight deadline. There are ongoing negotiations for a multi-year deal and the Sox remain hopeful of retaining their DH, one way or another.

Cherington said the Sox didn’t have substantive discussions with Erik Bedard, who signed with Pittsburgh.

Cherington said the Winter Meetings have gone as the Red Sox expected in that they’ve gathered information but ultimately do not expect to execute any moves. That would exclude Ortiz, obviously.


The Sox seem content to wait to bargains on the pitching side and let trade talks take their course. Cherington said several weeks ago that he didn’t envision any major moves and that is certainly is how it’s playing out.

It sure is odd to go through a Winter Meetings where the Red Sox and Yankees are hanging out on the sidelines. But the Red Sox fired their big guns last season when they obtained Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. This is the result.

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