Scott Boras on some Red Sox topics

DALLAS — Scott Boras just met with reporters at the Winter Meetings. Here are a few of his thoughts in regards to Red Sox players:

On Jason Varitek’s desire to return to the Red Sox: “Ben [Cherington] and I have had a conversation about that and we’re in the process of working on that. I think that he has an interest in playing for Boston and I think they have an interest in looking into that subject.”

On J.D. Drew: “He may play for the right team. But he’s very selective about the teams he would play for. He might not play as well. I really think it would be a team that would him in a category to win and use him in a way he’d want to be used.


On Jacoby Ellsbury’s future in Boston: “Look, I think everybody in baseball that’s been in it a while has a greatest respect for Bobby Valentine. He’s a bright guy and I’ve had a lot of of players play for him and they’ve welcomed the opportunity. I think it’s a positive addition.”

Could Ellsbury sign an extension with the Sox? “I’m kind of getting through the free agents. I haven’t talked about the guys who are two years away.”

Boras also dropped a couple of good zingers.

On the Marlins’ spending spree: “It’s like the minnow has become the marlin. … It’s almost like we have a new expansion franchise.”

On the Dodgers and Mets: “They used to shop in the steaks aisle and now they’re in the fruits and nuts section.”

On the market for Ryan Madson: “I’m kind of in the musical chairs game. I kind of find that I only need one chair.”

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