Update on David Ortiz

DALLAS — Contrary to a few reports out there, David Ortiz has not accepted arbitration from the Red Sox. The team has heard no such thing. Neither has the MLBPA.

Ortiz is willing to accept arbitration by tonight’s midnight deadline and that could well be what happens. But in the interim, he still hopes to negotiate a two-year deal.

The Red Sox could be willing to do that. While they’re willing to pony up the $14 million or so Ortiz would command by accepting arbitration, they could create some payroll flexibility for 2012 by signing him to a two-year deal worth $9 million a year.


Ortiz would prefer it be two years for $25 million. That’s a reach given no other team out there would approach such a deal.

Essentially the choice for Ortiz is to load up in 2012 and play well enough to create the same scenario a year from now. Or to take guaranteed money over two years. One way or another, he’ll be with the Red Sox.

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