McClure sounds like he’s ready to get after it with the Red Sox

The Red Sox held a conference call with Bobby Valentine and new pitching coach Bob McClure earlier today.

What was most interesting was hearing Valentine describe McClure as having “true grit” in his personality.

“I need someone who could communicate up and down, communicate with me what the needs of the pitchers were and able to communicate with the pitchers what their daily needs might be,” Valentine said. “I was looking for someone who had experience obviously at the major league level but also someone who understood both starting and relieving as a pitcher.

“Bob understood not only the mechanics of pitching but also the mechanics of working a long season. So he filled the bill on all of those things and he also has a — as Robin Yount would say — a real true grit to him. He can be very sociable and jovial but he also can be stern when he needs to be and I think that’s a good prerequisite for this job.”


McClure, who came to the Red Sox initially as a special assignment scout and instructor, said he only had to think a little when he was offered the job as pitching coach.

“My mom, who is 86, 87, is from the [Boston] area and she said if I did not consider it then she was actually going to kill me,” he said.

Later in the day, when he was WEEI, McClure said his style as a coach was to, “kick ass and win.”

McClure certainly sounds like an interesting guy. After a year under substitute teacher Curt Young, maybe he’s just what they need.

Valentine also said on the call that he expected all his players, not just the pitchers, to be in good condition and he would leave that to the newly configured training and medical department.

“I don’t think the fans nor the owners nor the organization should expect anything else than world-class athletes performing at a world-class level,” he said, “I think you do that by being in the best physical condition possible.”

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