Valentine set to meet with more players

Bobby Valentine must have tremendous frequent flyer miles.

The manager on the move was on MLB Network Radio this afternoon and said he would be meeting with Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz and Carl Crawford this weekend in Texas.

“There is no, from what I gather, any adversarial relationship with either situation. I just want to talk to Carl about his plan for next year,” Valentine said. “Talking to [Dustin] Pedroia, who has had a couple of text messages with him, Carl is working his butt off and doing everything he can to put up and make people shut up, and that’s all I’m asking.”


Bobby V’s take on some other topics:

On the deals for Mark Melancon and Andrew Bailey: “These two guys begin to fill a very big void that it seemed like we had after [Jonathan] Papelbon left and [Daniel] Bard was given an opportunity to go into the starting staff, along with [Alfredo] Aceves, and all of a sudden we went from the cupboard being bare to a cupboard that’s plentiful and we’re all excited about.”

On Andrew Bailey: “I see him off the field act the way you would want a major leaguer, or for that matter a son or father, to act. He really is an upstanding young man and when I watched him on video, or I watched him on television during his career, I’ve been extremely impressed with his competitiveness and his ability to get both right- and left-handed hitters out. Hopefully, like he said, he’s going to be healthy as this year comes on, and if he is, he’s going to be a big plus to the Boston Red Sox.”

On Daniel Bard being a starter: “It’s not 110 percent at all. The first I heard of this was in my first interview with Ben [Cherington] when we went through the roster and Ben was telling me some of the things he knew about the players, and I mentioned some of the things I thought about the players.


“From then, I got to talk with Daniel and some others in the organization, and Daniel is up for anything that’s going to help the team and that’s a real great thing for any player to say, but I think he says it with conviction. Yet, he also said, if that starting place is available, he’d like to have the opportunity to win the spot if all other things are equal. I said there’s nothing wrong with coming to spring training, being mentally and physically ready to pitch multiple innings. In fact, if that doesn’t work out, be ready for plan 1A and that would be where you’ve been the last couple of years. He was fine with that and so am I.”

On Clay Buchholz: “We are sure from his lips and our doctors’ examinations that he’s 100 percent healthy. But he has not been time tested off the mound. He hasn’t gone through the rigors of spring training, nor of a major league season. He’s going to be watched closely, not only at the beginning but at the end of 2012. Right now he says he feels great and I hope to get a chance to see him this weekend. I’m not asking him to do any pushups or situps or anything, but I’ll be able to look into his eye and when he tells me he feels great I’ll know that he’s telling the truth. Then we’ll take it one step at a time. I don’t think he’s a guaranteed 200-innings guy right now, but it sure would be nice if he delivered that.”

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