Matt Garza could be had for the right price

Chicago Cubs righty Matt Garza could be in a contending team’s rotation if they’re willing to part with three prospects from a team’s “A” list according to a Major League source.

The Red Sox,Yankees and Blue Jays are three teams known to be interested. But none have stepped up their offers to this point.

Garza could be a difference-maker in any contending team’s rotation. The Cubs’ Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will sit back, however, and not pull the trigger on anything they feel is short of top-shelf value for a pitcher who is AL East and playoff battle-tested and who brings a grit to any rotation.


As we’ve written before, the Cubs have entertained plenty of offers. They could decide to extend Garza and keep him, or they could wait until the trading deadline when the teams who won’t give up talent know need to in order to make the playoffs.

It’s an interesting change of roles for Epstein, who is used to being the one buying. In his rebuilding efforts in Chicago, he will now be the one selling and building with young talent to replenish a very depleted farm system.

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